Children's Art Classes

We offer art classes for children ages 4 through age 12 

Children love to explore art and all the different mediums available to us to create beautiful art work. Our classes teach the elements of art in a fun and hands on way. We introduce all types of mediums from oil pastels to acrylic paint!  The younger classes learn drawing, how to follow directions,  small motor coordination by cutting and pasting, and to use their artist eyes to see God, the master designer through lines and shapes in creation.  

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 Art Classes  

. Our art classes are for children ages4-12. 

Kilgore Bible Church in Kilgore Texas
     * Tuesday Afternoons                                                                         3:00-3:45 for younger kids
4:00-5:00 om for elelmentaty kids

School For Little Children in Longview Texas
       (for current SFLC students only). 
Thursday Afternoons